Trend To Try: Patterned Pants

Patterned pants are 70’s inspired outfit trend that can transition between spring, summer, and fall fashion. Pair patterned pants with a plain v-neck or lace top. Try platform sandals with this trend to elongate your body. These pants come with a flare leg and a more fitted, skinny leg. I personally own a pair of inexpensive 20 dollar TJmaxx flair patterned pants that I love (they are so comfortable I feel like I am wearing pajamas)! I wasn’t sure that I would be confident in pulling off the trend, but I have been given so many compliments when I wear the pants that I feel fashionable in them. They are so lightweight that I wear them constantly in the summer, but I plan on incorporating them into my fall wardrobe. I love wearing a bold necklace or stack of bracelets to complete the look. I feel that this is a trend for anyone, tall or short. Here are a few patterns that I have fallen in love with!

image1xl-8 image1xl-7 image1xl-6 image1xl-5 image1xl-4 image1xl-3 image1xl-2 image1xl-1

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