Not Your Basic way to Wear A Plain Tee


Tie a knot at the bottom of the t-shirt on either side of your hip. This works best when your tee is over-sized so there is extra material to make the knot. Doing this can make your average tee into a crop top, that can be paired with high-waisted shorts or a maxi skirt. This adds a cute flair to an otherwise plain outfit.


2. Layer the Basic Tee

Whether it is the middle of summer or a winter day a basic tee can be layered with a scarf, necklace, vest, plaid shirt, or jacket. Jackets (leather or jean) and plaid shirts can be worn or tied around the waist to create the perfect layered look. Mixing more than one layer adds more dimension to your look and can leave you with endless ways to mix and match with your originally plain shirt, but now totally rad outfit. Layer necklaces or scarves with different vests and jackets and your friends wont be able to notice that you wore the same shirt twice in a row!

d720cff17a5b0404bfc418ec4c6214c0 imagesmiranda-kerr-leopard-printed-denim-e1344622827398

3. Tuck It In

Tucking in a shirt adds a bit of professionalism and adds a more cleaner cut look. This prevents a baggy or ill fitting tee from looking sloppy.

lookbook-store-duster-74. Add a Body Chain

Body chains or body necklaces, as I call them, are an interesting accessory that will have people staring with envy at your outfit. Body chains are more interesting than just wearing a necklace because they draw the eye further than just at the neck allowing people to really view your entire outfit.


I do not own any of these photos.

How do you style your basic tee???

โค Megan

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