Trend To Try: Boyfriend Jeans

I just bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans. I found a great deal at JCPenny, I got a pair that was originally $50, half off for $25. They weren’t what I traditionally thought a boyfriend jean was. They were not super baggy and hanging off my legs, and most importantly they didn’t get all bunchy when I sat down (yes I went there)…a major stipulation of mine when buying jeans. I swear by supper skinny stretch jeans/ stretchy jeggings that look like jeans. I have been looking at boyfriend jeans for a long time and have thought they looked so cute all over pinterest on the women modeling them. But could I pull of this chic look? That was what I had set out when I was jean shopping. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the plunge. They are extremely comfortable and are less binding and restrictive. Overall, they are my dream jeans. I would have to say that my biggest fear when buying these jeans would be that they would make me not look feminine. I took a look at pinterest to see how everyone effortlessly styled these magical jeans. The majority had a shirt tucked in the front, with heals or booties. I think I can definately rock this look and I am excited to style these jeans. I hope other people who are are in a skinny jeans rut can see a new light with the boyfriend jean.

❤ Megan


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