Show off your Bralette

Bralettes are to cute to just hide underneath your clothes, so why not let them show. I love the styles that have lace trim and also love the style with straps that show when you wear a v-neck shirt. This look can easily be transitioned into the fall as the weather cools down by 1. layering the bralette with a v-neck and then add another layer with a jacket (jean, leather, or even a paid shirt). Another way to incorporate bralettes into a fall wardrobe would be to wear one under a sweater with a deep v-neck.

464872b825d9f812ba742f1f8dc77ea3v1e79j-l-610x610-underwear-black+bralet-black+bralette-bra-bralette-cutout+bralet-cutout+bralette-undershirt-crop+tops 7be1699cc684774801375877cfd7b9d5

I do not own any of these photos.

❤ Megan


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