Street Style Find: Leggings with a Twist

I was at a cider mill this weekend and I had to wait in an extremely long line. As I was waiting I was people watching and looking at everyone’s outfits. I came across a girl who was wearing plain black leggings with a pocket on the side of the thigh. What caught my attention was that she had a phone in the pocket. I emmediately was drooling over that cool feature. Never have I seen leggings with a functional pocket that could fit more than just a credit card or key. One of my first thoughts was would that be able to hold my huge iPhone!? The pocket on the side of the thigh was very cute and I liked that it was nontraditional. I want to buy a pair because I always want my phone on me (not floating around in my purse) and leggings don’t have pockets. Here are a few that I have found online.
 The first pair is from Victoria’s Secret around $30.  

This pair is from Maurice for $29.


The next few I found on a Google search of lululemon but I had difficulty finding them on their website.


I do not own any of these photos.

💜 Megan

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