Brag a Belt it

Kendal Jenner has been photographed multiple times wearing a double buckled belt. She shows that it can be worn with almost anything and can dramatically change the look of any outfit she is wearing. The belt has a vintage one of a kind feel to it. It looks perfect with high waisted jeans.  It bring your eye to the smallest part of your waist, attracting the eyes to the bold buckles. I have also seen this belt worn by Selena Gomez. It is truly a unique piece that adds interest to a wardrobe. I feel that everyone should have one statement piece in their wardrobe that they wear frequently that is unique and special to them, whether it is a vintage bag, a piece of jewelry, or a belt in this case, something that defines your style and represents who you are.

rs_560x415-150803153104-1024.Kendall-Jenner-Belt.jl.080315 f5acf5bacc9af74a86525f39254ae33d 2AEB1D6700000578-3178113-image-a-73_1438132695502 2ACA579500000578-3172788-image-m-12_1437692530217

I do not own any of these photos.

❤ Megan


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