Superwoman Style

The cape is a powerful piece of clothing. I always thought that this piece was always high fashion as business professional dress. my opinion of the cape has changed! I think this piece can be worn by anyone and incorporate it into an everyday fall look. The cape can now be thought of as a coat over whatever you are wearing. The cape looks best and polished with a classic solid long sleeved v- neck and a dark wash denim. Pair with your favorite fall bootie and a neutral purse. Try wearing bracelets or rings because they will draw others attention when your arms stick out of the cape! 

Would you try this trend!?

How would you style it?
I do not own any of these photos.


2 thoughts on “Superwoman Style

  1. Omg I’ve always have been looking for a good cape, I feel like I missed the bandwagon when they were first selling them and now I can’t find one that I’m really in love with, or if I do its like $500 dollars.
    Look the look 🙂


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