Would Your Try This Jean Trend?

Fringed jeans around the ankle is a trend that is popping up and I am not on the bandwagon. I do love fringe but not necessarily on with this placement on jeans. WhoWhatWear.com recently did an article about this trend that has been all over instagram http://www.whowhatwear.com/3×1-wm3-crop-fringe-jeans/   This trend does create movement and attracts the eye to the ankle and towards the shoe but I feel that the overall look is cheap. For a trend that may come and go, I do not think this is a piece to invest in. I also like to were mid calf or high boots in the fall which would cover up the details on this jean anyway. Maybe I am not loving this look because I don’t think that I can pull off this trend. It does look cute with chunky heals. For those who want to try this trend I would recommend that you make your own with an old pair of jeans. The fringe can be created by distressing and  cutting the bottom of the denim. What is your opinion about this jean trend?


I do not own this photo.

❤ Megan

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