“Ponchos are Forever” (American Horror Story)

“Skinny jeans are out,  fringe is in, and ponchos are forever”. This statement appeared on last nights episode of American Horror Story and was my inspiration for this quote. However I don’t agree with the first part of the statement, what follows is absolutely true. When I think of ponchos I think back to the time in grade school when ponchos were popular and I absolutely hated them. My aunt had bought me a purple knit poncho from the Limited Too and I took it straight back to the store. Today, my opinion of ponchos has changed and I am in love. This piece can be easily dressed up or down while still looking fashionable. Pair with a statement necklace, heals, and a clutch to give a more fashionable night out look. To dress this look down simply pair with a plain long sleeve shirt underneath, with a pair of converse, and a cross body bag or backpack. Pair with leather leggings, black leggings, or skinny jeans to complete this look. This piece of clothing is essentially a blanket that you throw around yourself to keep warm in the cold. I love the looks that can be created with the poncho and the fact that it is loose fitted to allow for some breathing room. 




I do not own any of these photos.

💜 Megan

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