Falling For Flannel

Flannel is the perfect go to for fall, it is an essential layering piece. Flannels are no longer just for country music festivals, they are a staple in the fashion world. They are the perfect wardrobe piece for campfires, apple oarchards and other fall activities. There are so many ways that a flannel can be styled. For example: 

1. Wear as a jacket with a basic tee or graphic tee

2. Wear buttoned up with one side tucked and the other untucked, or just tuck in the front

3. Button it up and tie a knot in the front, (depending on how high the knot is you can make it a crop top)

4. Layer with a denim jacket or leather jacket above it

5. Tie around you waist with any outfit (dresses and skirts included)

Here are some cute flannel looks.


I do not own any of these photos.

💜 Megan

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