Is this Shoe Trend Real???

I was on the website and I came across an article titled The Next Big Sneaker Trend, According to Bill Blass. I was shocked when I clicked on the article. The shoes that came up were six pairs of shoes all in a mix of different colors, the catch, they are bowling shoes. The designer was inspired by bowling shoes from the 1970’s. I was in disbelief at first, thinking who in their right mind would buy shoes that are associated with bowling and wearing a shoe that thousands of people have worn (not to mention looks like a pair of clown shoes) I disagree with the article that this shoe is the next “IT” sneaker, however I could see people wearing this shoe as more of an oxford. The most wearable shoe, in my opinion, would be the neutral nude and navy blue shoe. I am still unsure about the fate of these shoes. Would you wear a pair of shoes like these?

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❤ Megan

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