Remake of the Iconic 90’s Necklace

Chokers were a 90’s jewelry staple. The cheap plastic braided necklace was a staple in my wardrobe growing up as a nineties kid. Today the trend has been transformed into a more high fashion, and more expensive looking necklace. The gold or silver plated jewelry has been seen on celebrities within the past year and is an edgy but feminine, chic accessory. Even though this necklace isn’t bold or chunky, it is still a statement piece that looks great with almost anything. I would pair this necklace with a high neckline shirt. I think this accessory is perfect for when you are dressing up, with your LBD, or jumpsuit. I think I would avoid wearing this necklace with v-neck shirts, I think there would be too much open space between the necklace and the shirt.

151995798 151835382 151474837 146800876 142102234 800x1200

I do not own any of these photos.

❤ Megan

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