Store Obbsession: TJmaxx

TJmaxx is one of my favorite stores to shop in. I love the designer deals for less. TJmaxx has been under fire by not listing the correct compare at price. Not all have been proven to be correct when compared to other stores prices, making shoppers think they are getting a better deal when they are. I have found that on the other hand, I have found out that I have saved more money that the compare at when I looked at teen clothes from Ambercrombie and Hollister. Never the less when you shop at TJmaxx you are still getting a deal. When shopping at TJmaxx you can find items at the store that are being sold at your local Macy’s such as brand purses like Michael Kors.

I love that you can go into a TJmaxx anywhere and they are all different, they don’t sell the same thing, and they get different numbers of things. Sometimes it is a hit or miss when finding things because the store may be a little disorganized or there may only be a few clothing pieces in a certain size, but it is worth scrounging the racks to find a unique piece. I love that items are from different stores and brands so that you don’t have to travel to different stores to find clothes you will love. All of the clothes sold are always on trend and in style. It’s almost like shopping at a second hand store except the items sold are straight from a different store, and brand new. I have found countless deals at TJmaxx and have been complimented on so many items that I own. I can brag with each saying I got such a good deal on the one of a kind piece! The less expensive the outfit, the more you can buy. And to quote Carry Bradshaw, “I like my money where I can see it, in my closet”.

Not only does TJmaxx sell clothes, but they sell jewelry, purses, accessories, shoes, house ware, bedding, kitchen supplies, furniture, pet supplies…. the list goes on and on. The merchandise is so versatile that you can’t help but go through the entire store and look at every section. This store is the perfect store to go holiday shopping in. There is something for everyone, from children, teens, adults, and grandparents, this store has something for everyone. Around the holiday season, the store gets more items that are more holiday themed. I have seen themed baskets, perfumes, winter sporting equipment. The best part is that you are saving money while at the same time finding a unique gift for everyone on your holiday list at one store. From stocking stuffers to grand gifts, TJmaxx is my go to stop to shop.

There are some cons for shopping at TJmaxx, as I have already stated the store may be disorganized or all of the same clothes are not in the same place (considering all of the clothes are organized by size). Also, the items that are sold at the store vary, there may be a lot of one item, and less of another, the amount of one size may have a ton or there may be only one in the entire store. Make sure to inspect all of the items to make sure there aren’t any imperfections in the items such as tears in the clothes, missing earring, or dented house items. The downside of a damaged item is that there may not be many of that item left, and there may be only one of that item.

I found an article with some basic tips for shopping at TJmaxx here!

❤ Megan


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