Contemplating Bangs

The fashion and beauty website Byrdie recently posted about the “The Fall Haircut All the Cool Girls Have” and of course it is the haircut that I have been contemplating for a while now. The first two photos that i have below are two of my favorites from the websites page. I also, however, like the full on bang look. Right now, I have long hair without bangs. Being in graduate school now I feel that my hairstyle is to “high school me”. I had pratically the same haircut throughout high school, except for the short period of time that I had side swept bangs. Now i want to try a middle part but I can’t decide whether I want to chop off my hair, or if I can be brave and go for bangs. If I even get bangs I have to decide whether I want the slightly longer middle parted bangs or the full on straight across bangs.

Should I take the plunge and go for this bold trend!!?????

the-fall-haircut-all-the-cool-girls-have-1514346.640x0c the-fall-haircut-all-the-cool-girls-have-1514344.640x0c

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❤ Megan


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