My Lips are Sealed

Lip color is something that can show a persons personality without even knowing them. Do you gravitate towards soft hues of pink, do you like neutral nudes, or go for a pop of color or bold red, or do you go dark? In the fall my favorite lip colors are plums and raspberry colors. I like the more dark look. I have never dared to do red, but I think that wearing red shows that you are very confident because it is such a bold color. My favorite type of lip wear would have to be a lip stain that comes in what looks like a marker/ crayon pen. I don’t like lip gloss because it is so sticky and comes off easily….even though my lip gloss be poppin. I find that liquid lip stains drip down and need to dry on your lips. The marker kind of lip stain is long wear and the color can be toned down if you put a layer of chapstick on top of the lip stain. I own a Revlon coverblast lip stain, it is affordable and stay son for hours, not to mention nontransferable.


I do not own this photo.

❤ Megan


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