Capsule Wardrobe

Is a capsule wardrobe really attainable? With minimalism being all the rage this condensed wardrobe is growing in popularity. Capsule wardrobes are composed of fewer pieces of clothing that are timeless pieces. They have many neutral basics, with a few pops of color. When I think of a capsule wardrobe I think of your basic v-neck or scoop neck t-shirt, along with a graphic tee, blouse/ button down shirt, plaid shirt and denim shirt. For bottoms I think of a basic skinny jean, high waisted jeans, boyfriend jeans and a pencil skirt. Shoes include a pair of flats, tennis shoe, loafer, and high heel, riding boot and bootie. Have a little black dress, a colorful scarf, a statement necklace, and a belt.

In theory this seems like a great idea, having fewer items in your wardrobe means less clutter and more organization. I love the idea of mixing and matching the items that you have in your wardrobe to maximize the number of outfits you have without having to constantly buy a new top. I would consider having a capsule wardrobe for each season, but I don’t think that I can downsize my wardrobe that much. I am capable of going through my closet each season and I am able to donate a garbage bag full of items….I know I have a shopping problem 🙂 More recently I have noticed that I have been buying things that are better quality and that last longer and are pieces that I truly love. But even with going through my wardrobe I am unable to minimize my wardrobe to the extent that would qualify it as a capsule.

This summer I am planning on making a modified capsule wardrobe. I will go through all of my clothes…. a scary thought at the moment, and keep what I really love, and donate the rest. I have a few stacks of sweaters, and many of them I wear multiple times in the winter. I think I will still keep my favorites and try to get rid of the sweaters that I don’t wear, as a start. I want to look up other ways to style the sweaters that I do have so that I give the illusion that I have more sweaters and outfits than I actually do. I think the area that I will have the most difficulty will be with my shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes…even when they barely fit in your closet. I mean have you ever seen a celebrity’s shoe closet before…UNREAL.

The positive aspects of having a capsule wardrobe outweigh the negatives, however I don’t think that I can realistically decrease my wardrobe size in one year. I will work on refining my wardrobe and I want to look up different ways to style my basic pieces to make more outfits out of what I have. The idea of styling my pieces different ways sounds like a fun experiment and at the same time can be a great way to possibly change up my style. Overall, I need to keep pieces that are a good material, fit properly and look good on, and keep classic/ timeless pieces. With all of this in mind, I might just take a look at my closet and start today.

Below are some basic capsule wardrobes that I have found online!

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