Forever 21: Store Verse Oline Shopping

Forever21 has the cutest clothes, now that they are aiming at expanding the age of the consumers that they are marketing to. They are changing up their clothing so that the clothes being sold aren’t limited to individual who are 21, they are trying to market their clothes to women older than individuals in their teens and twenties. They are coming out with more sophisticated clothing and work appropriate clothing. This is awesome because I am 21 and I will not feel guilty to continue and shop there. I wont feel like the mom who is shopping in the juniors section for herself, even though she clearly shouldn’t be. I have always shopped in forever21 since I fist discovered the store when I was in high school. I still own the first ($20) pencil skirt that I got in high school (even though it is a little snug). My shopping experiences from forever21 have always been in store purchases, however I often go online to see what merchandise they have in stock.

One problem that I always have with Forever21 is that I look online and almost everything that I see is something that I want to buy. The clothing is always so cute, fashion forward, and is a perfectly matched outfit on the model. When I go into the store however, it is a totally different story. I feel lost immediately when I go in the store. I have been in a few Forever21’s where they are a total disaster, almost like someone was trying on the clothes and then just throwing them on the shelves or floor. There is one mall near me with a Forever21 that is impecablly organized. I have no idea how they do it because it is such a big store! I give mad props to the workers because I see all of the clothes that they have to sort from the fitting rooms. It is a miracle that they keep the store in order! Forever21 whether organized or not always has so much merchandise that I am overwhelmed. There are sections of the store based on different styles, however I feel that I like things in each of them (what can I say, my style is based on my mood). In each of those sections the clothes are always crammed next to each other so it is difficult to go through the racks.

Maybe I should stick to online shopping when it comes to forever21. The only problem is that I am not an online shopper. I like scrolling through the new arrivals and collections that they have set up, however I like to go into the stores, see all of the clothes, and actually be able to feel the clothes and try them on. I don’t want to go through the hastle of buying the wrong size or have the piece of clothing look terrible on even though the model rocked it. Another problem that I have with the clothes at forever21 is that the clothing (particularly dresses) is that they are so short on me. I am 5’8, and some of the dresses that look nice on the rack barely cover me! I know that there are size instructions on the website, but I would rather go into the store to see the fit.

What is your shopping style? Are you an online shopper or a traditional shopper? Does the store you go to affect whether you shop online or in store?

❤ Megan


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