The Must Have Riding Boot

I have been looking for a very specific style of riding boot and J have found what I am looking for in an unexpected designer…. Michael Kors. First off, the boot at I am looking for is: a black riding boot, with an elastic back, and a zipper on the side, with plain leather without any design printed in the leather. Usually Michael kors had his name plastered all over the material, however with these boots I didn’t even realize who the designer was until I looked in the inside of the boot. His name is listed on the zipper that is in the inside of the leg. I love that the boot is plain so I can be more bold with my accessories such as my purse with studs and my statement necklaces. I love that the zipper is gold because it stands out against the black material. The boot is in my opinion a classic piece that will not go out of style and is worth the investment of $200 on sale because it is a sturdy material that will last forever if you take care of it. 
💜 Megan


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