The only sweatshirt you need to buy.

I was on and I came across an article that claimed that their plain grey sweatshirt would last you 30 years! See the Sweatshirt Guaranteed to Last for 30 Years The business has been selling their sweatshirts and the materials that they use have left customers with sweatshirts that are resistant to pilling and tearing when washed. The sweatshirts are for both men and women and come in sizes XS to XXL. The price is $82 dollars but I think that it is worth the investment considering it will last you so long.

It is just a plain grey sweatshirt, yet that does not mean that it is meant for just lounging around. Plain sweatshirts can be accessorized with necklaces or scarves to. They also can be layered with jean jackets or leather jackets, and can be layered with a button up shirt underneath. I love wearing a comfortable shirt and this is something that can be cozy, yet still cute when going for a more sporty, while also slightly dressed up look.

Would you consider buying this “lifelong sweatshirt”?

❤ Megan



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