Clothes Organization: Part 2

Here are some things that you can buy that will make your closet more organized and less cluttered.

1. Hangers that match. I love the thin felt covered hangers because they come in different colors and prevent clothes and camis from slipping off the hanger.


2. Hangers that have attachments. These allow other items to be hung, but at a lower level so more clothing items can be hung instead of being crampt.


3. Drawer organizers. Whether it is for your sock, underwear, and bras, or for tshirts, these dividers make the drawer look clean and less chaotic.


4. Clothes rack. If you do not have a closet, or do not have room in your closet, a clothes rack is the perfect way to display your capsule wardrobe, or your favorite pieces. It allows you to display your clothes out in the open, and in many occasions has a shelf to display either your shoes or purses.



5. Storage bins. Whether under your bed or in your closet, this is the perfect way to store sweatshirts or clothing items that are out of season.



6. Scarf rack. This is the perfect way to organize your scarves, mainly to keep them all in one place so you do not misplace them or lose them in a stack of clothes in your closet. Accessories can easily get lost because they are so small, but with an organizer, you can easily keep them together.


❤ Megan



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