The out(FIT) for your New Years Resolution

I’m sure fitness and getting in shape is on the top of everyone’s New Years Resolution. What inspires me to get to the gym is my gym outfit. I love pairing my leggings to my tank top. I like wearing clothes that are comfortable, breathable, and cute. I think that everyone should invest in a good pair of running shoes. I bought mine at a Burlington Coat Factory for $40, they are grey and coral and they are ADIDAS. I love scouring around TJmaxx to find the best exercise clothes. I always look for leggings or capri leggings, tank tops, and bras. The most important thing to look for in leggings is that they are made of a quality material that is not see through. I always test this by pulling on the fabric. If the fabric turns white, the pattern discolors, or if I can see my nail polish through the material, they are not worth it. Generally I can find a quality pair of leggings when they get a new shipment anywhere from $15-$25. Their tank tops are a reasonable price of $10. Sports bras generally range from $12-$15. I do however, spend extra money on some of the yoga pants that I buy. I have been sucked into the Lululemon trend, and I will admit to wearing the leggings as pants. They are crazy expensive but comfortable to wear. Below are some clothes that will hopefully inspire you to get to the gym, and be the best looking girl there.


❤ Megan


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