Clothes Organization: Part 1

1 Make the most use of your drawer space. Fold clothes in drawers a certain way to maximize space and allow you to see all of the shirts or jeans that you own. This method is better than stacking clothes because you can see everything you own.


2 Color coordinate your wardrobe. I like to put my neutrals together (black, white, grey, and creme). Then I put my other clothes together based on the rainbow. I have one stack of clothes organized by Red/ Pink, Yellow, and Orange. Then I have a stack for Blue, Green, and Purple. The stacks very in size based on the amount of clothing items that I have in those colors, and I adjust the stacks accordingly.


3 Organize by clothing type. I have a large wardrobe and I have all of my bottoms on one shelf (jeans and leggings). I have another shelf for sweaters, one shelf for shirts, and another for sweatshirts. I have a drawer for underwear and bras and another for sleep clothes and swimwear.


4 Alternate clothes location by season. Make the clothes that are appropriate for the season in the most accessible place. I usually put my clothes in the front of my closet or the top of my wardrobe to make them most visible and to let myself know what I own. During the winter I have pants and sweaters located at eye level in my wardrobe. During the summer I have my shorts and short sleeved items most visible… you get the picture.


5 Alternate what clothes you have out. I have a tub that I have designated for sweatshirts that I have underneath my bed. I also have a large tub for sweaters that I take out seasonally. I put the sweaters only in my closet when it is cold outside, and I put them away and out of sight when it is warm outside to clear out closet space when it is warm out. I generally only do this with my sweaters because they are thick and chunky and take up a lot of space.


❤ Megan


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