Are you trying this trend?

Bodysuits….or leotards as I have previosly known them as in gymnastics. Is the term bodysuit the grown up word for leotard. Will you still have fun in them or just have trouble when it comes to going to the bathroom in a hurry?… Nonetheless, bodysuits are popping up, not just with celebrities, but in stores at the mall. I have seen them in stores such as Forever21 and Express. They are hitting it big. But how exactly do you style a bodysuit. And most important: do you were underwear with them? Probably right?.. otherwise ewww. Okay now back to styling them, I would pair a bodysuit tucked into high waisted skinny or flair jeans. Since it is so cold outside I would layer it with cardigans and faux fur vests/ coats.

Celebrities rocking the body suit trend.

Lilly Collins with a leopard body suit.
Gigi Hadid
Lilly Aldridge


My favorite way to style a body suit, is below. I love the black body suit with a deep v-neck and the long cardigan to offset the plunging neckline. I love how she styled it also with her round sunglasses, studded sandals, and her cross body bag.

Here are some body suits that are cost effective from Forever21, if you are daring enough to try this trend!

The more I look at ways to style body suits, the more I am beginning to like them! They seem perfect for a girls night out, or a night at the bar.

❤ Megan


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