Mud mask: I have always wanted to do a facial night or just create my own facial mask. Mud masks seem like they would be relaxing and the feel like you are at a salon without the extra expenses. A mud mask is even perfect when having a relaxing girls night in. 22864952284714


2. Crayon Eye Shadow: This is the perfect solution to the fact that I hate using makeup brushes, mostly because I rarely clean them…(ewww) and I always end up blending them in with my finger leaving eye shadow residue on my fingers. The would also prevent my make up bags from getting dirty especially when I travel. I through in my makeup brushes in my make up bag with all of my other products and the powder always cakes the bottom of my bag. This is a hastle free easy to use product that I would like to invest in.



3. Lip Plumper: This trend that I used when my friends introduced it to me in junior high was something that we all shared before we went to school dances. This 90’s beauty trend is something that is better than going under the knife and is great because it is not a permanent change. You can have bigger lips one day, and natural for another. I want to try a plumper to see what my lips would look like a little larger, but not crazy Kylie Jenner lip injection results. s1144047-main-zooms1493998-main-LheroaiBCJJnpoP4l

What beauty products are you loving right now/ want to try?


I do not own any of these photos.

❤ Megan



  1. ooh the peter Thomas roth mud mask looks so fun!! I really want to try all of sunday riley products 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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