Burberry recently announced that they will be changing up the fashion industry by having the items that are displayed on the runway will be put online at stores so consumers can buy what they see, right away, instead of having to wait many months after ordering the collection. Burberry’s CEO stated that both men and women’s clothes will be sent down the runway twice a year, and each time they will be putting the clothes online to by after the show. Burberry is a very high end store, but hopefully other designers will follow suite. I think that this is a great idea and it can only benefit the designer companies to have the items they see at the fashion show, or live streaming from a college dorm room, be readily available to buy. Especially since millennials are all about social media and technology, the easy access to fashionable designer pieces will be great!


EEEEKKKKKK!!!!! So cute but EXPENSIVE!!!! Would you ever consider buying a designer piece from the runway? I think I would find the inexpensive clone!

I do not own any of these photos.

Article found on  The Major Designer Who’s Changing the Way a Runway Show Is Done

❤ Megan


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