I recently went to Meijer for grocery’s but I came back with some beauty products that I wanted to try. I love the Neutrogena face wash because it is both a daily cleanser and a face mask. There was a BOGO deal with Neutrogena, so I bought an “Oil eliminating astringent”. I love it because even after you wash your face at night it still has oil on it and you can see the cotton ball that you use turns from blue to oily dirt, making your face feel extra clean!

The e.l.f black liquid eyeliner  cost only $3, however I find that it peels off from your eye in some areas. I may need to use a eye primer before I apply it.I love the applicator, it makes applying eyeliner so easy, and makes a straight line without fail every time!

The NYX jumbo eye pencil/ crayon was $4.50, and is a neutral color with some shimmer in the gel. I definitely need to wear a primer with this because my eyelids become oily and/ or sweaty and it slides off my eyes a little bit. I also found out that I need to use a jumbo pencil sharpener to sharpen the tip of the crayon, there is no convenient twist up cap. A tip that I found online with sharpening a gel eyeliner is to put the entire pencil in the freezer for 15 minutes and then sharpen the pencil so the end is sharp without flaking.


❤ Megan


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