Whenever I am shopping and i come across clothing items with zippers or slits, I am in love and I have to have them. I love sweaters, shirts, and dresses with slits on the side. It takes a basic tee or tunic and gives it more interest. Some shirts and dresses may have a shorter front and a longer back with the slits at the sides. Either way, the side slits give the outfit creates movement and it gives interest to a basic piece.


I also love when there are zippers on clothing. Whether the zipper runs down the back of a top, down the front of a skirt, or embellishing a purse or shoe, it adds texture and allows you to the option of showing a little more skin with the zipper undone a little.


Combining the two (zippers as side slits) is something that I cannot resist buying. The only disadvantage is if the zipper is touching your skin it can be cold!


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❤ Megan

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