Hello everyone, I am Emily from BeautyAnion and I am doing a guest post here today. Make sure to check out and follow my blog at for blog posts on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, reviews and baking daily.

Today I am doing my guest post about the brand Topshop.


Topshop is a highstreet store, which maybe on the pricier side, but is one of the shops that keep up with some of the main trends of the season. If I had to summarise it in one word I would say Tumblr. If you know what I mean then you will probably agree, if you don’t then this just simply means it is keeping up with modern trends.


Topshop is known worldwide. Its products are mainly aged at teens and young adults and is alongside the shop Topman. It sells clothes, shoes, underwear and swimwear, accessories (like phone cases and jewellery) and it also has its own makeup line.

I regularly shop in my local Topshop and it is quite popular amongst many other teenagers. If I had to pick my favourite product that I have brought from Topshop it has to be my skinny, high waisted, black ripped jeans. The ‘Jamie Jeans’ as they are called are super comfy and have a slight stretch to them so they are comfortable to move around in. They are very trendy, especially with the ripped knees. The good thing about these jeans is that where there is the rips in the Jeans, they are stitched so that the rips won’t splay any further. This makes them incredible long lasting. If you wish to find out more then click the link here.


Overall I would recommend anyone to shop in Topshop as they sell good quality clothes that are amazingly trendy! Although it can be quite pricey, it is worth the buy as they are long lasting and comfy clothes.

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I hope you enjoyed this!

BeautyAnion xo

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