1.Lace up flats: Any shoes that are laced up are so cute. I love ballet flats that have are laced up on the top of the foot and then wrap around you ankle and calf. The same thing goes for heals and booties. The intricacies of the laced up look make an outfit look more polished. Style this shoe with cuffed jeans or a denim front button skirt.
160933819 $100 $28


153055640 $79

2. Cut out boots: Cut out boots can be worn year round, depending on how many cut outs there are! I love that these shoes can be worn for more than one season, making them more versatile wearing them with summer, spring, and fall outfits allowing you to change up your outfits.


Charlotte Russe $41

158255929 $43


Topshop $65

3. Thigh high boots: I do not own a pair of over the thigh high boots, because many of the high quality boots (that I like) are very high end and too expensive for me! Styling over the knee boots is so important to make the look fashionable and classy. I would pair these boots with leggings or a dress that rests an inch or two above the boot height.

162860747 $95

150382075 $245


Nordstrum $798

What shoes are you drooling over!?

❤ Megan


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