As spring break is quickly approaching and summer soon to follow I have have narrowed down the tops and bottoms to bikinis that I will be wearing while by the pool. With the tops, I like the bralette style. I feel that this compliments a smaller chest and it is perfect if you love swimming in the ocean because it fits more like a sports bra and does not move around or need adjusting. With the bottoms, I love the high waisted style. A bold print or cut outs on the sides make the 50’s swim look more modern. I have found Target to be my go to for trendy pieces, and even my basics, such as my solid black bottoms that I have had for years. Best of all Target has reasonable swimsuit prices ranging from 15-25 dollars a piece when they are full price.Here are some of my favorites from their website!

Side note: I know that the high neckline swimsuits are very trendy this year, but wont that give people crazy necklines? Like Really???? I guess the same thing can be said about the high waisted bottoms, but still. 🙂


What styles will you be wearing this year?

❤ Megan


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